From Success To Significance


Do you want to make a positive impact in the lives of others? How can you start changing the world around you? As John Maxwell says, “When you become more intentional, your life can transform from successful to significant.”

In 2012, Gina Watts was a junior faculty member of a large university. With a passion for education, she enjoyed serving her students inside and outside of the classroom. Still, she felt that something was missing. “Although I was serving many, I didn’t feel like I was meeting their needs. And worse, I probably wasn’t giving them what they needed to grow and to lead.”

When her supervisor tasked her with joining a leadership training to expand her skills, Gina knew that the John Maxwell Team was the program for her. “I knew that this organization had everything I needed to be the leader I was called to be. Furthermore, I knew that this organization would help me be the leader my boss wanted me to be.”

In February of 2013, Gina attended her first International Maxwell Certification Live Event. Armed with a desire to learn, she was deeply inspired by John’s message on transformational leadership. “Transformation breathes with urgency. If not now, when, and if not me, then who? That really resonated with me. So much so, that I returned home and immediately dove into YouthMAX.”

Gina implemented the YouthMAX program into her university’s summer camp program. She watched as the teachings she brought back shaped the next generation of leaders. “I was so grateful that I could bless those kids in that way. But what they didn’t realize is that while I was helping them, watching them transform, I was transforming as well.”

On her path to a life of significance, Gina has learned how to take every obstacle and turn it into an opportunity to grow.

In 2014, she made plans to host her first Live2Lead Event. With an eye for detail, it seemed like she’d thought of everything to make it a success. However, when it came time to start selling tickets, it seemed that few people were interested in attending. “I’ve realized that although I am a solid event planner with great skills and experience hosting thousands of people for various engagements, I must not only create a transformational experience, I must connect with people in a way that allows them to trust that they can and will grow with me in that experience.” Lesson in hand, Gina moved forward and executed two more highly successful Live2Lead events!

It has been five years since Gina joined the John Maxwell Team and she is still blown away by the support she receives in her daily growth. “When I registered to be a part of this team I just thought it was a catchy, sexy term of the moment. ‘Be a part of our team.’ I didn’t know that John, Paul, and the faculty really meant it. This is more than a course, or training, or conference. This group of people are a family that add value to each other each day and are committed to helping you succeed. It’s ridiculously amazing.”

Today, Gina has taken a large role in the John Maxwell Team YouthMAX program, and helped create the JMT Global Youth Initiative, which aims to transform the lives of over 500,000 youths around the globe. By bringing transformational leadership to her students and colleagues, Gina serves them an education that adds value to all aspects of their lives. Her dedication to continued growth has turned her once successful career into one of significance. She tells those who want to succeed as she has, “Make a commitment from the beginning to be ‘all in.’ You are the only one standing in your way.”

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