Farshad Asl

Regional Director & Chairman of the Leadership Committee, Bankers Life & Casualty Company, California, USA

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“Witness the endless boundaries that the human spirit may conquer and always live with passion! Joining the John Maxwell Team has opened up limitless opportunity in my life. Not only has this association impacted my career as an executive, but also my relationships and the ability to communicate and connect with people. I never dreamed I would experience the personal growth and potential this association has provided. It’s taken my speaking and teachings to a whole new level and I can see opportunity has become unlimited to impact people across the country – no, make that everywhere in the world.”
Farshad Asl
“I was asked to speak and teach for two days, which included two workshops training the ‘best of the best’ leaders at the Bankers University in Chicago. My topic was 'Personal Growth' and my resource was John Maxwell’s Book, 'The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.' People were actively engaged, excited and empowered. I asked if they had a growth plan and challenged everyone to develop one. I strongly believe growth is intentional and doesn't happen by accident. Learning these invaluable concepts has not only helped me with personal growth, but given me the opportunity to share with others. Everyone benefits, including my organization and throughout my region. I’d like to thank the John Maxwell Team for empowering me to impact and increase my growth as well as influence others in my company nationwide."
Farshad Asl
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