Randy Stroman

Founder of Convergence Leadership and Relationship Center, Texas, USA

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“I spoke last night to a group of 400 pastors. It was an amazing experience. Just before I took the stage I had this wave of nervousness come over me ... followed closely with the thought ‘I was born for this.’ As I stepped on the platform, I was in a perfect peace as I let my training take over. Thank you to all the John Maxwell Team who taught us the right mental and physical tools to achieve our dreams.”
Randy Stroman
“This program really works! I just had my single best pay day yet. Invest in yourself! It is the single most important thing I have done. I connected with mentors who acted as my guide and who helped me create a good plan. Next, I took deliverate steps in a bold direction. I then watched my investment in myself begin to grow. You can do it too! Thank you John and the John Maxwell Team for your mentorship.”
Randy Stroman
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