The Hendrix Family

Nick, Jeane, Megan & Morgan, Owners of Hendrix Coaching and Consulting

Listen to Nick’s, Jeane’s, Megan’s & Morgan’s thoughts on why they joined the program – as to Leadership Development, Mentorship and the Value of the JMT Community. Click the arrow below to begin listening.

Watch Team Members Jeane, Nick, Megan and Morgan from Hendrix on Coaching
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Read Team Member Jeane Hendrix’s comment on the value of the John Maxwell Team

"I am so incredibly blessed to be a part of the John Maxwell Team. Not only do our mentors continually pour into us and create an atmosphere for growth, but our fellow teammates are always looking for ways to add value to us by sharing the lessons and wins they are having. The level of the care and concern shown for each other is simply amazing! As a mom, I can't thank each of you enough for modeling excellence and investing in my children (my team) and for going above and beyond my expectations of how much the John Maxwell Team would benefit my family!"
Jeane Matheny Hendrix
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